Sunday, June 5, 2011

Eva Mendes before surgery

Eva Mendes before surgery.

Her lips look fuller and her face also different from before, making some of her fans to think that she even got cheek implants. The effect is subtle and very natural, she just looks so much better than before, it could be the result of better make up or some miracle cream that we still don't know. Good for her and her natural look.


Audrina Patridge nose job before after

Audrina Patridge nose job before after.

Her nose definitely looks thinner in the tip and that could be the result of nose surgery or rhinoplasty. Some people are also saying that she has cheek implants. But as we were mentioning earlier, a weight difference can accentuate facial features, though cheek implants are probably one of the easiest procedures to hide when done well.


Scarlett Johansson before surgery

Scarlett Johansson before surgery.
Her nose before used to look bigger and thicker, now the bridge as the tip look more defined suggesting a nose job or rhinoplasty, this change looks great on her because she looks completely natural and not with an excess of plastic surgery. Also her lips look thinner than before and many of her fans think that she got some lip reduction, but we can't forget that both (nose and lips) can be changed to make them look more defined or thinner with make up.

The fact is that her nose looks very nice and natural after the procedure, it is more defined and thinner at the tip and it doesn't get the attention away of other factions of her face, which is one of the goals of a good nose job.
About breast augmentation rumors, it is not confirmed and a bit hard to say, in this pictures her breast look enhanced, but it can be the result of the dress cut, some wonder bra or adhesive tape, we give you this one to decide.


Pixie Lott before she was famous

Pixie Lott before she was famous.

We found this pictures of her when she was a girl and the biggest difference that we see is on her nose, but these pictures are so separate from each other in time, and taken when she was so young, that it would be hard to tell if she got a rhinoplasty at some point (if she did in fact, probably at the beginning of her career) or if her nose just changed while she was growing up, gaining more definition.


Amber Heard before weight loss

Amber Heard before weight loss.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Abbey Clancy 2009 vs 2011

Abbey Clancy 2009 vs 2011 photos.

Many people around the world wonder if beautiful model Abbey Clancy had any plastic surgery procedure to improve her image. While some people think all that beauty can't be natural many others think that she just has a combination of good genes, good make up artist and photoshop...Or maybe she actually got something done like some breast implants...


Michelle Keegan before and after

Michelle Keegan before and after

If Michelle Keegan a got or not some plastic surgery to improve her image is something that have been going on for a while now. Many fans defend that she didn't have any procedure done, but the truth is that she looks somehow different and very good for her age. In many of her public appearances for awards and for her videos and concerts, she looks always youthful and wrinkle free, so the speculation just goes higher.


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